Analog Devices RTI-815 I/O board

Analog Devices RTI-815 Input/Output Analog & Digital PC/AT board was an excellent product at the beginning of the '90s, and it is still today. I keep jealously my board, although I don't still use it anymore. Remember it is not a PCI-bus board, hence requires an AT/ISA bus slot (rare to find nowadays, but I still am in possess of a couple of 'em: a 20 MHz 386 with math coprocessor (!) and a deluxe 40 MHz 486*).

Programmers which still have the board but have lost the documentation will find in this page all the information that is necessary to write Data Acquisition & Control programs.

The pages provided here are scanned from the original documentation which came with the board.

Analog Devices 1990 catalogue zip file

Cover, index and preface zip file

Chapter 1 zip file

Chapter 2 part 1 zip file
Chapter 2 part 2 zip file
Chapter 2 part 3 zip file

Chapter 3 zip file

Chapter 4 zip file

Chapters 5, 6 & appendix zip file

(end of document)

(*) I think in my garage there are some PCs that are worth staying into a museum of informatics !