Dolce vita
Punt e Mes
a fine italian vermouth

Recipe and preparation

The recipe is simple:
  • Punt e Mes vermouth
  • fresh orange slice
Punt e Mes is an italian wellknown vermouth produced by Carpano. It can be easily found in every international airport duty free, and I've also seen it in big supermarkets both in north and south Americas.

The taste of Punt e Mes is superbe. The good new is that it does not require any preparation. You can drink it directly out of the bottle at room temperature, although the rear label of the bottle recommends to serve it chilled.

When you are in a hurry, or have no time, or want to build a complete one-bottle-bar this is the bottle to buy. Pour in thumble glass, add an orange slice and some ice cubes, and the drink is ready.


Peanuts and chips are the right complement to Punt e Mes.

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