Dolce vita
Pisco sour
the perouvian national cocktail


The recipe is complex:
  • Pisco (original from Ica, Peru)
  • the white part of an egg
  • sugar
  • lemon juice (better lime juice, if you have it)
  • Angostura bitter (the original from J.G.B Siegert & Sons)
Don't try to use ingredients different from the above, or you will waste money and time.


The exact quantities are difficult to say. Use a high speed mixer to mix the white of the egg. Put 2/3 of Pisco, 1/3 of lime juice, and sugar to taste into the shaker. Then add ice cubes and the mixed white egg. Shake well, pour into glasses, add a couple of drops of Angostura on top of each glass, and serve.


Pop-corns, nuts, peanuts, chips.


A perouvian folkloric low volume background music completes your cocktail.

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