Dolce vita
Negroni cocktail
the world most spreaded and famous cocktail


The recipe is simple:
  • 1/3 Campari bitter
  • 1/3 Martini red vermouth
  • 1/3 english distilled gin (Gordon's, or Tanqueray, or Blue Sapphire)
Don't try to use ingredients different from the above, or you will waste money and time. Also don't trust any recipe on the web different from the above.


In a clean mixer pour 4 cl of Campari, 4 cl of Martini and 4 cl of gin for each attending people (use a measuring cup). Gently steer the liqueurs.

Align a clean cristal thumbler for each people attending the cocktail. Put half a slice of fresh juicy orange into each glass. Add several ice cubes and fill up to 2/3 of any glass; arrange the ice cubes in such a way that orange slices stand in the upright position.

Finally pour the liqueurs from the mixer directly onto the ice cubes, allow 1 to 2 minutes "curing time", and then serve.

The curing time allows for the liqueurs to cool down and melt some ice. Use this time to call for the attendants and to bring the appetizers to the living room.


Negroni can be served just with several green sweet olives, better if giant size. The olives should be fresh, with or without the kernel stone, each being equipped with a toothpick to avoid people picking them with their bare fingers.

Peanuts and chips are also welcome, provided they are integer and fresh. You can also use Pringles chips.


According to international experts the Negroni cocktail has the following properties:
  • it is relaxing
  • it helps resolving backbone column pains
  • it helps forgetting a hard working day
  • it assists and provides for a restly and sleeping night in case of moderate insomnia
For all the above reasons this cocktail should be freely prescribed by the national medical care.


A smooth low volume background music completes your cocktail.

And after a good Negroni... why not a barbecue party ?

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