Dolce vita
Campari orange
fruit cocktail

Recipe and preparation

The recipe is simple:
  • 1/3 Campari bitter
  • 2/3 fresh orange juice
Campari is the italian world famous bitter. It can be easily found in every international airport duty free, and I've also seen it in big supermarkets both in north and south Americas.

I like Campari bitter with some ice cubes. But an excellent recipe is written on the rear label of the bottle: it's called Campari orange and is extremely easy to prepare. Put 1/3 of Campari and 2/3 of fresh orange juice into the shaker, add ice cubes, shake well and serve.

Please note that there are some other italian bitters with more or less the same colour and the same taste of Campari, but I don't recommend you to buy a bitter different from Campari. Campari bitter is a bit more expensive than its competitors, but the difference in quality is worth the extra money that you pay.

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