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A beautyful bar for your living room
How to turn an old wardrobe into an effective home bar
My dear friends Antonio y Cuty from Lima, Peru, had the great idea to turn an old wardrobe into an home bar for their living room:

The original front door, which was holding a big mirror, has been removed. The mirror, with an appropriate mark, is now fitted to the wall near the dining table, see photo on the right:

The wardrobe-bar, instead, has been equipped with two more suitable half width doors, each holding a non transparent coarse grained glass.

Inside the wardrobe-bar the following things have been installed:

  • a bulb light, and its switch, on the top
  • a bottle carrier, to keep champagne and fine wine horizontal
  • a few rows of rails to keep glasses suspended
  • a few shelves to keep bottles, glasses, accessories, and the like
  • a couple of drawers to keep spares
  • a bottom shelf to keep some more liqueurs, tea cups, etcetera